Catalina Molina
AT 2010

Talleres Clandestinos

40 min., Ows

Young Bolivian Juana gets a job as a sewer in the neighboring country Argentina, wherefore she has to leave her husband and her baby-son. After arriving in Buenos Aires, the promised factory turns out to be a prison. Textile goods for luxury brands are produced under inhumane circumstances: long working days, sexual abuse and no permission to exit the factory. After a series of fatal incidents, she tries to escape from the factory by any means.

Script: Catalina Molina
Camera: Klemens Hufnagl
Editor: Matthias Halibrand
Actors: Sandra Rocha , David Bracamonte, Juana Salgueiro

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Dieser Film läuft zur Zeit in keinem der Breitwand-Kinos