INDIEN: In the Shadows

Exciting thriller that blurs time and reality.
In Old Delhi's dense maze of narrow streets traversed by hanging power cables, Khuddoos feverishly scans a stack of monitors behind a dirty, crumbled shop window to see what people are doing outside his dark cave. Khuddoos has lost contact with reality in his surveillance mania. Only his friend Ganeshi provides him with food and helps him to cope with his surroundings.
Through the monitors Khuddoos also sees the young Idris. His relationship with his parents could not be more different. His loving mother faces his father, the butcher. He tries to teach Idris the butcher's trade with all force and does not shy away from physical violence. One day Idris disappears. Khuddoos puts on more spy cams to track the boy, but he can't find him.

IN 2017, 117 Min., FSK ab 12 Jahren, OmeU
IN 2017, 117 Min., FSK ab 12 Jahren, OmeU
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